Our partner organisations

With international volunteer help the Hebron Hope Center supports the local community by improving and expanding the free services in Hebron. Therefore the Hebron Hope Center works together with several local institutions and connects them with volunteers according to their skills:

Hebron Hope Center

Hebron Hope Center It is the center of the tourism sector, as well as the place to stay and eat for guests and volunteers. The building is the office and head quarter of the organisation, from where the cooperation with the other institutions takes place. Here men and women are going to be educated in different skills like sewing, cooking and getting trained in the tourism sector and in language skills. If the volunteers are interested they can also participate at Arabic lessons here. Children also attend our center to participate in English lessons with international volunteers.

Sharek Center

The Sharek Center mainly focuses on education, offering Arabic and English lessons to children of all ages as well as private tutoring after school. The Sharek Center is also willing to offer local and international volunteers opportunities to expand the services to a whole range of classes including art and music lessons, heath education etc. These are great opportunities for a cross cultural and collaborative approach to working with the local community.

Media Center

The Media Center trains children in various media competences by teaching them how to use cameras, recording devices and digital editing programs. Modern technology is being used to capture oral history and preserve cultural knowledge. The students have free access to computers and the internet. The Center is also providing opportunities with local radio stations. This is another great area that volunteers with a passion for photography, writing journalism and IT can become involved.

Sports Hall (Tareq Center)

The sports hall offers a wide variety of sports activities including swimming, karate, wrestling, zumba, water physiotherapy, gym, and football. Volunteers are able to support current programmes or offer different sports skills. Yoga lessons have been introduced by one of our volunteers and have been well received.


In cooperation with the kindergarten and lower primary school, volunteers can teach English, art, dance movement and music. In the future, Hebron Hope Center would like to offer trauma therapy through art and drama. If you have qualified skills in this area we would welcome you to join us as well.

Medical Center

The Medical Center offers opportunities for doctors, nurses, medical students, student nurses and allied health workers in physiotherapy and social work to work in local medical centers and hospitals. This a great opportunity to share and learn from each other. All health professionals are trained in English. People with skills in first aid or paramedic care are also encouraged to volunteer.