Ben’s story (UK):

I visited Hebron in April 2018 with my friend. We arrived on the public bus and shortly after our arrival found ourselves talking with a Human Rights worker. She put us in touch with Ayman so we could learn more about this historical city. There is clearly significant hostility here. Fortunately, the work of Ayman and Hebron Hope Center shine through this sad situation. Ayman is an inspiration. He is clearly very well known around this city and loved by all the local Palestinian families. Children would shout his name and want to play with him as we walked through the streets, and mothers and fathers would wave from their houses. He has done a great deal of work already to help impoverished families, with an emphasis on education for children, and teaching new skills to women to provide employment opportunities. He is currently leading the building of a new school to facilitate these goals and his project is coming along nicely. It is fascinating how much he has achieved already at such a young age, and humbling to hear the sacrifices he has had to make to get here. I would highly recommend visiting Hebron to see his work first hand and I hope myself that one day I can go back to Hebron contribute to the ongoing projects.

Ben, UK